Business-class email

Virtually anywhere access

  • Access the latest email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone, Symbian phone, and BlackBerry.
  • Lost your phone? You can wipe data from your device to prevent unauthorized access.

Email that fits your needs

  • Share your calendar and free/busy information with others inside and outside your organization, making scheduling meetings much easier.
  • Hold on to important email with 50 GB storage for each user.
  • Retrieve contacts from almost anywhere.
  • Customize inbox rules and other notifications.

Look professional

  • Use your own domain name with your email accounts. For example:
  • With the ability to send messages up to 25 MB, you can include images and custom formatting in your email.


  • Your email is free from advertising.
  • Defend against mail threats with built-in enterprise-grade anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering.

Easy-to-use control

  • Set up new user accounts and email groups in seconds.
  • Restore accounts deleted within 30 days.
  • We can create custom scripts and automated processes for you, if needed.

Advanced features

  • Synchronisation with your existing infrastructur for single sign-on is possible. This synchronization enables you to manage users across different in-house and online solutions.
  • E-mail spam settings can be modified to your needs.
  • Even unlimited storage is possible for legal purposes. With legal archiving we can save the mailbox of a user, even deleted items, indefinitely.